Welcome to Shree Jee!

A year ago, this company was started with a view to make scarves, stoles, shawls and mufflers their forte, maintaining their standard bar at par, if not above, their rivals, in terms of quality and design. We maintain an impeccable reputation for dedicated services, personalized attention and quality delivery.

Shree Jee was conceived by like-minded individuals, who are committed to the cause of 'fair trade'. Bearing this in mind, we ensure to partner closely with weavers and printers and ensure without fail that they are benefitted and remunerated as they deserve.

This company deals with scarves, stoles and shawls based on latest trends and the product range spans over a large variety of natural and man-made yarns and their practical and possible blends.

Shree Jee's endeavors are directed towards producing and supplying a product that is closely compliant with regards to the buyer's specifications, quality and performance requirements

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